Blogging the JMM: Thursday

The best part of the Joint Meetings is networking with like-minded people. I ran into many old friends and colleagues. Today (Thursday) several math bloggers and Google+’ers organized an impromptu meeting for lunch. I stuck a sign on the message board inviting other math bloggers to join us, and a cohort of tumblr bloggers discovered it and joined us. Such is the power of the JMM message board. These are the people who could make it.

JMM Group Photo

We talked about Google+ and mathematics and academia and blogging. I loved my conversation with the graduate/undergraduate students in the group about mathematics and language. It reminded me a lot of the Mathematics Community’s Hangout On Air from last November.

Sometimes the best interactions are completely spontaneous. While waiting to talk to William Stein about Sage, I had a great conversation with his student Aly Deines comparing and contrasting complex analysis and number theory. And David Lippman, developer for IMathAS, happened to be talking with Peter Krautzberger when I was asking about technologies for communicating mathematics on the web. David had some very helpful things to share with me.

It’s fun to meet “famous” math people, too. In previous years, I got to meet Marvin Minsky, Steven Wolfram, Steven Krantz, Gerald Folland, and some other well known figures in the mathematics community. I wonder who I’ll meet this year.


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