Blogging the largest math conference in the world

I am in Baltimore to attend the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, the largest gathering of mathematicians in the world involving the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematics Association of America, and many other professional societies related to the mathematics profession. There will be over 2500 talks given on topics ranging from the mathematics of pop-up books (#489) to the density of Henig efficient points in locally convex topological vector spaces (#2341) to rational numbers and the common core (#903). Thousands of mathematicians, teachers, and students will be rubbing elbows and talking shop. There will be a mathematical art gallery and film screenings. Last year there were even performances of a mathematical play! This will be my third time attending the Joint Meetings. The previous two times were a total blast.

I’ll be blogging the conference as the week progresses.

If you are a math blogger or Google Plusser who will be at the Joint Meetings, join us for an informal meet-up on Friday. I will update this post when we figure out a date. Hit me up on Google+ if you have suggestions.

UPDATE We are meeting by the message board at 11:30am on Thursday. Be there or be $[0,1]^2$!


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